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What is S2S?

S2S is a targeted Peer Group designed to bring together former business owners or leaders who have successfully exited their company and are working on or want to begin the next chapter of life. Our groups focus heavily on life, legacy, and planning. By leveraging their skills, leaders who have exited their businesses will share value with each other as they meet together and look forward to the future.


Because legacy and life planning should include your spouse, it is ideal for couples to attend together. Experience shows that couples are hesitant to communicate about legacy and life, so having spouses engaged and hearing about planning directly from the group is valuable.


Spouses are encouraged to participate in the event.  The model is built including spouses in meals, meetings, and other activities as part of the expense structure. The group works together to provide a service activity to share their personal experience and talents with others when possible.

How often do we meet?

Business Meeting

Three 2 Day Face-to-Face Meetings 

Three times a year

Online Workshop

Regular Group Calls

There will be regular calls between the three – 2 day face to face meetings we hold each year – both full group and smaller cohort connections.

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Two Day In-Person Event

Following is a sample schedule for the two day event:


Learning day/Service Day 

  • Learn about valuable topics like estate planning, taxes, setting up trusts, and other financial issues from outside experts 

  • Hear success stories from others who have made the transition from success to significance and the next chapter in life

  • Partake in a memorable dining experience

  • Participate in a group service project in order to share your time and talents with others

Peer Group Day – Peer Sharing and Accountability

  • Share  ‘one thing’ you want to learn from the others in the group

  • Review scorecards and goal execution

  • Discuss areas of interest with the group such as investing, sharing information with family, and much more

  • Enjoy a group meal and engaging conversation


We are now taking

commitments to join the group.

653 Oak Road, Harlan Iowa 51537


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